Tim Dubie Operates On His 17 inch Tiger Redtail Hybrid
First Posting January 25, 2005
Date of surgery January 23, 2005
Last update January 31, 2005

Brief Overview
Tim's 17" Tiger Redtail cross is less than 2 years old and resides in a 155 bow front aquarium. The fish was eating night crawlers 24 hours after surgery.  On the second day following surgery the wound appears to be healing.  No stitches were taken.  The fragment was in the fish's belly for about 30 days, perhaps longer.  The 17" fish is convalescing in a long 20 gallon aquarium.  Salt has been added to the fish's water to promote healing and help rebuild its slime coat.

 Last health update: January 31, 2005 PM
 Further Updates Will Be Posted

Tim's 17" hybrid, a Tiger Shovelnose Redtail Catfish cross is a very aggressive feeder.

Tim noticed a large swelling in his fish's belly.  A few days later he could see the fish was agitated; something was  pushing its way out of the fish's abdomen, note slight reddish mark on belly.

Once out of water a sharp pointed object began to protrude from the fish's belly.  "What the devil is that!"

Unfortunately Dr. Dubie had left his surgical instruments at the office; in a pinch a box cutter will do.


"Gee Ted you told me to put in  clay pots for fish hiding places. One broke and I just left the fragments in the aquarium.  You never told me the Tigers eat clay pots"

This clay pot fragment measures 3-1/2" long and 1/4" thick  It is 1" wide on one end and narrows down to a sharp point at the other end.


This is a picture of the 1" incision healing without stitches.  Photo taken 8 days following surgery.

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