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Revised: March 7, 2005

Redtail Catfish, 27" @ 18 months.

Redtailed catfish
Pacu and others

Tiger Shovelnose
and  Buttikoferi

Redtails in 180
before move to 1600

Holding Redtails
overnight in 2000
Pacu is
easy when
wrapped in
a towel.

Trying to catch
Tiger Shovelnose

Clown Knife fish

Giraffe catfish

Discus, wild green

Arowana and
Tiger Shovelnose

African Lungfish

Darwin close up

180 & 120 gallon

Sunset through the back of Ted's 180 gallon aquarium.

Redtail Catfish, Tiger Shovelnose, Marble Sailfin and others in 2,400 gallon aquarium

Juvenile Redtail Catfish, 18", eating: trout food, hot dogs (turkey, chicken & pork), shrimp, beef heart

Juvenile Redtail Catfish, raised together in 180 with 10 other large fish. Acquired Jan. 07 2004 @ 6", grew to 18" in 5-1/2 months with regular twice daily feeding.

Testing aquarium
water for ammonia,
PH and nitrate

Albino Channel Cat moved into the 2400 January 23, 2005 one of four, 16 months old and all about 24-25".

Redtailed catfish

180 gallon community aquarium.

Arowana, Jardini

Ghost Knife fish @ 12" and about 10 years old

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