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Revised: April 21, 2004

Sea bird eggs in
nest, hatching
in April/May

Bird @ 6 weeks
taking bath

Bird after bath
drying in sun

Curious bird
discovers a watch
to play with

Is this something
to eat?

At 8 weeks bird
is ready to take on
a very excited dog

"I can't believe you
did that!" said the bird.

"Did that dog want
you for dinner?"

"Now I want you
both to become


"Oh Bird if you could
only learn to fly."

"You can stay up
here away from the

"Horses are fun and
they do not eat birds."

Bird takes flight,
with a little push,
at 10 weeks.

Bird circles and
returns for a landing

The bird flies after
the boat and rides
in the bow.

The boys spear a
Sucker fish which
the hungry bird starts
to eat at once.

The tables have turned and now the dog is on
the run.

We all have a lot to
learn from birds even
very young ones.


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