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Revised: April 27, 2004

Initial pond dig
about 30" depth

Unloading old carpet
to protect liner.

Initially pond was 25'
by 15' with a 12" deep center sump

Poly / nylon carpet

Pond liner is PVC
20 mil thick

Liner stretched flat
is 24' x 36'

Contractors blue poly tarp makes a fine temporary pond for holding fish and plants

Plants need lots of
sunshine, 8 hrs+.

In one season 12
starter Hyacinths
grew into 1,000

Plants do poorly
in ponds with more
than .1% salt

Water Cana plants in bloom, they like sun & do well with roots in water


These are concrete slabs are from a broken up driveway

A three foot flap of extra liner raised the pond to 50" plus

The heavy concrete slabs are positioned using an overhead cable

The cat is a deterrent for heron which are numerous and fearless

The Koi are curious about any activity around their home

Adding 2' of depth so herons can't fish in pond

Koi pond visitor in March 2004

Koi and goldfish in 180 quarantine. 

Longfin Koi,
"butterfly" @ 20"

Koi Pond 4.5' deep
and 6,000 gallons


Pond up-flow filter, 600 gallons with 20 cu ft of washed pink volcanic landscape rock for bio mass 

Building bio mass support shelf above sump

A 400 gallon sump below with slotted pipes above covered with landscape rock

The 600 gallon Koi pond bio filter in operation

UV pond filter, 240 watt Rainbow Lifegard unit

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