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                                                                                            Revised: January 14, 2006

Back from
airport with 30" by 30"
by 72" catfish shipping container. 
Six thousand gallon Koi pond in

Heated outdoor 2,400 gallon
aquarium containing catfish to be
shipped to new Georgia Aquarium.

Catfish shipping container can hold
280 gallons when filled to capacity;
however it was only partially filled
for shipment.

Water level has been dropped in
2400 gallon outdoor aquarium to
enable netting of the fish.


We used a "catch and release" type
net with a wide rubber web rather than the common nylon web net.




      The Tiger Shovelnose and other fish were shipped on a Delta non-stop flight from Seattle to Atlanta, September 19, 2005.  The fish travel time, water to water, was 12 hours.  The dissolved oxygen level in the 280 gallon shipping container was maintained using two battery operated air pumps with diffusers running on size "D" alkaline batteries. All fish arrived in good condition.

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