The aquariums left to right are 180 and 120 gallons respectively with independent filter systems.  The window behind receives direct sun most of the day in the summer. The 3 large Plecostomus keep the glass 99% algae free.

The mechanical filter is a deep drawer 2 feet square containing 3 medium density 1 inch thick fiber pads. The biological filter contains 12 gallons of small sized high density "Biofilm Carrier Elements", (Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc). The sump has 3 pumps moving about 400 gph each.  There are two overflow boxes, one is a skimmer type.

The 3 heaters are 250 - 300 watts each.  The aquarium temperature is maintained at 77 degrees.

The Ammonia is always at zero.  The PH remains under control at close to 6.5. by placing a bag of coral sand or ground up oyster shells in the fiber filter box.  In order to keep the Nitrates below 40 ppm, weekly partial water changes are required.