Anne and a big rainbow!!

Zack's ready to go

3 buddies at lake Patterson

3 of us on lake Patterson

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Brian , nice bass!

Brian enjoying a nice lg. mouth

Brian on the bass pond

Brian's fat


Todd's brown trout

Wow!! Todd's Big Bass

Wow!!! Again



Where did it go???



Chasing the Bass


Michael on the pond

Justin with a nice Patterson rainbow

Jeff's got a nice one too!!

Anthony and I on Lake Patterson

Justin with a


Tristan with a nice Bass

Tristan with a nice pond Bass

A rainy day to remember!!!


Tom and Tristan at Brown Lee

The 4 of

us at the Lee 1995

Chris with a nice Rainbow

One B-i-G Crappie!!!

 Nice bass at the pond

Brown lee smally


Ryan with a nice Rainbow

Jonas with a nice bass

Mark with 2 whoppers

Larry's BIG Bass

Say AHHH!!

Ryan in Montana

Cliff in Montana

Ryan With a Giant Smally

Ryan with a huge brown