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As of: July 30, 2005

NOTE:  I am moving the camera around and it may not be on all the time.  Best times are after 11:00 PM - 8:00 AM Pacific Time

The local daylight time for the camera is:

Daytime viewing of the 2400 gallon is poor with the reflection in the 7 foot window, some fish might be visible.

Type in the 4 letter USER NAME = "  demo  "  then press OK,    (No Password is required)


You may be asked  by D-Link to install MPEG 4 or other software via a popup window.  Answer yes.  You may have to un-block pop-up's temporarily.

If you get an empty box on the screen with no picture, wait several minutes.  It takes a while for the connection to link up.  If you get an internet message "Web page not found", the camera is turned off.  Some DSL subscribers report a problem connecting?

If more than 5 people are logged into the camera at the same time the picture's 30 frames per second refresh rate will decline.  The camera is connected to Comcast Cable with an upload speed of 784 KPS

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